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Windows 7 Week Day 1: Price Tag

30 June 2009 2 Comments

windows-7-aurora-green-wallpaperLets kick off Tuesday with a Windows 7 week, though this time I think it is possible to get a full week out out of this and so to make up for yesterday’s lack of post it will be double the fine today.  First up, the pre-order price tag that has become big news in recent days and why is it big news?  Well Microsoft has made the upgrades 50% off, OH MY GOD!!, (500 orders later)…Noooo I got bamboozled by Microsoft’s cheap tricks again, thats right Microsoft has set up some wonderful surprises for these pre-orders and I shouldn’t have been all that surprise either, go figure.

First surprise, this pre-sale deal is limited time, sadly that limited time does not end in October, but in a couple of weeks.  Second surprise you have a 25 computer limit and so you businesses are screwed once again, however, it would seem that businesses didn’t take the bait and are going to wait it out.  Surprise number three shouldn’t be much of a surprise more like a kick down south for some users, 2000 and XP need only apply.  Since you know have to do a fresh installation and then move everything over from 2000 and XP on to Windows 7 and so begins the wonderful process of testing out all the software and hardware and making sure Windows 7 will work.  Yet that problem I see with that is if your running Windows 2000, that computer is going to be really old and so odds of that computer running Windows 7 efficiently is like nil and so you will have to suffer a PC purchase.

Which leads into surprise number four.  If you buy a PC now until whenever, Windows 7 upgrade is free, but even then why suffer through a Vista SP2 machine just to get to 7?  Well, Sp2 did what Microsoft should have done at the beginning and that is correct a lot of things, speed and memory mostly.   Of course, it would be a bit impractical to get the XP downgrade though just because you would have to reinstall everything, quite a problem isn’t it.  However, I will say this,  Windows 7 Professional come to daddy, and as much as I would love to get Ultimate for all the features, not going to spend that kind of money and besides, unlike my Vista Home Premium purchase, my next computer (laptop), will come with 7 and not the OS.  IT will make my life easier, although tempted to waste my 750GB hard drive though for it though.

Supposedly, the regular price tags for these OS are actually quite cheaper then Vista, and so coming in at $120 Vista Home Premium,  $200 for Professional and $220 for Ultimate.  Now prices are subject to change and I wouldn’t see Microsoft jacking up the prices the day of the release, and if they don’t then the extra $20 would be worth it for my desktop.  However, it would be curious has to see how much the PC’s will be once those three versions are rolling out in their latest PCS since you always see a price hike on the new stuff, but I think like some of us, we will be waiting it out to see how great 7 truly is before making that next purchase.  Granted some people will be buying them to trash Windows 7 but that is ok.  As I will weigh the pros and cons and see if the purchase is worthwhile and it better be as my Dell XPS is non no longer under warranty and fixing it will be quite expensive.

Regardless of the price tags, hopefully Windows 7 is the new XP and that we PC will finally get to move on.


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