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Windows 7 Week Day 2: Get Those Features On XP/Vista

30 June 2009 One Comment

windows-7-aurora-green-wallpaperEver since Windows 7 beta came out, there were features and little programs that everyone wanted to use on XP or Vista or rather some people created the software equivalents for people to download and use.  To keep things simple, I point you to the various websites that describe the software packages and how to set them up and save a bit of time from reading to much about them.

Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7 (No Hacking Required)

Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP

Seven Transformation Pack (formerly Vista Transformation Pack) 1.0

Windows 7 Theme for a Vista Desktop

Make Your XP Desktop Look Like Windows 7

AeroPeek Puts Windows 7’s Desktop Showing into XP/Vista

AeroSnap Brings the Windows 7 Snap Feature to XP, Vista

Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

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