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WordPress Plugin Starter Guide

11 June 2009 6 Comments

wordpress-logoAlthough I have been blogging in WordPress for about 6 months now and after suggestion a few blogs on what plug-ins to use and of course some recommendations from a few WordPress users.  So if you’re getting into blogging and are going to be using WordPress as your blog software and in the process of installing plug-ins.  I would recommend what I call the starter package and what I mean by that is you want to install these plug-ins before anything else and before posting.

Even though there are some themes that come packaged with plug-ins you want to check this list to make sure this theme has it or not.

Spam Prevention Plugins

Now the worse part about running a blog is spam and so the following plug-ins will cut down on pretty much 95% of the spam.


This plug in checks a list of known spammers and bots based on Akismet web service.  It requires a WordPress.com API key for it to be activated and so all you do is sign up and get yourself that key to put in.


This plugin prevents spam users from even registering and it is based off a list from http://www.stopforumspam.com.

Advertisement Plug-ins

Now if you plan to make money with your blog based off the various ad programs like Adsense, Kontera, Chitika then these plug-ins will be needed.

Kontera Ad Wrap

With this plug-in all you doing is dictating where you want the Kontera links to appear.

Kontera ContentLink

With this plugin all you have to do is enter your ID number in the menu and the JavaScript will automatically generate throughout the blog.  That way you don’t have to worry about editing the footer page to all your templates.

Chitika | Premium

Now if you’re like me and were robbed by Google Adsense and there faulty system.  Then you might have come across Chitika ad and used them instead or a combination of Adsense and Chitika.  You fill in the info and then you are giving a line of code to insert into your theme template and you are good to go.

Google Plugins

There are a lot of different plug-in made to use Google services and such but if you are starting a blog that I would think that these would be the more important ones to use to get you started.

Google XML Sitemaps

If you want to get your site index fast in the search engines, then you want this plug-in.  Every time you post, make a page or even if there is a comment made, this plug-in will run and update your site map and then it will contact Google, Yahoo and MSN to search your site and update their index accordingly.  In addition, you may want to update the site map generation manually, especially if you delete anything or updated your site in some fashion.

Ultimate Google Analytics

If you are a person who is nothing but about the stats and love how Google sets up their stats, then this plug-in is for you.  All you do is drop in your account ID and off you go, however, you still have to add the JavaScript code to your site in order this going though.  This plug-in and one other would have to be the first things you install before posting or you could be inaccurate results if you decide to add it in later.

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