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WordPress Plugin Starter Guide

11 June 2009 6 Comments

SEO Plug-ins

In this next group of plug-ins it is all about the SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which includes Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, and of course hundreds of other search engines that will index your website.  With these plug-ins they will help search engines index your blog quicker, faster and more efficient then doing it the old school way.  Now I can’t promise overnight success, however, depending on your content, links from other sites, comments, pingbacks, tracks.  It will help get your blog to the top or least let people know where to go to get some great information.

SEO Smart Links
This plug-in I find very ingenious, because of the fact it will use the tags and turn those keywords into links and then list all the articles based on those tags that you have.  In a way, you are creating more links within your website that will be index into the search engines.

Broken Link Checker

As you blog, eventually you might end up with some broken links, be it videos, images, downloads and other websites.  This plug-in will let you know what link is broken and in its own panel will let you edit the links and tell you what posts these broken links are at.  A small warning if you are using Kontera, it will give a false positive that a link is broken because the links will change.  Usually you can tell if its one or two words and if it is, that will be Kontera’s fault, but make sure it is a Kontera before removing it from the list or it will show up again.


This plug-in is used to manage 301 and 404 errors and those can be a big factor in losing positions in search engines, especially Google.  This plug-in will be especially good if your moving to a new domain, or if you’re having one of those posts are that trouble linking correctly.  Another example would be if you’re using the Google Webmaster Tools and you want to fix those crawl errors, this would be the quickest way to fix those links instead of going on all over place to fix the broken links.

WordPress Related Posts

This is a must have plug-in for most bloggers, especially if your content is the same, what this plug-in does is generate a list at the bottom of your article that lists posts you have made with the same content or close to it.  With that, you be able to generate more links with each new post in a specific category.

Twitter Widget

Although I do not really consider this much of a SEO plug because of how Twitter works, however, with the various twitter websites out there.  However, with this widget running you produce tinyurl links that will go to various articles you tweet about.  So in a way it does two things, first it lets your twitter followers go to your site and second it lets those power twitter websites link to your site.  So you will get a very small SEO boost and visitor boost as well.


The ultimate plug-in for SEO is the ShareThis plug-in, it connects you to the biggest, most popular social bookmarking sites on the net.  This means for everything article you add to one of those social bookmarking sites that is one more link to your site.  Of course, it helps when your visitors or registered members do this for you as most of those social bookmark sites frown on self-advertisement.  Well, I tell them this, too bad because trying to advertise your site for free and in a non-spamming way is near impossible.  Especially when most websites charge absurd prices for a banner placement, but it helps that you have friends who run their own sites and can link up with them.

Post Related Plug-ins

With these plug-ins, they are all about inhancing your posts either buy displaying your most popular ones, changing the layout of your posts without needing to edit the template or changing how your posts are display on the main page.

Most Commented

With this plug-in all it does it is display posts and articles that are very popular by comments and it will show you how many comments have been made on that particular post.


Just like the Most Commented plug-in, this one tells you how many times your posts have been seen by your visitors and members.  It is a good plug-in to use if you want to do something like lifehacker and set up the most popular posts of the week.

WP-PostViews Widget

It is just like the above plug-in but one of those sidebar widgets and depending how you set up your blog layout, sometimes you do not need both or would like to have both running at the same time.

Post Layout

With this plug-in you are able to add more into your posts, such as HTML, JavaScript, or even PHP.  Usually good to set up your advertisement banners outside the normal means or if you want to alter the post out just a bit without the need to edit the post template itself.

Database Plug-ins

With these plugins they will help you optimize, backup, restore your databases to help them make them run faster, take up less space and of course help get your blog up in running if you delete something or get hacked.


To me this is the best plugin that is use to help maintain your WordPress based databases.  Sure you could do it the old fashion way of the PHPmyAdmin, but with this plug-in it makes the process a lot faster in optimizing, backing up and restoring your databases then going through that method.  In addition, you can set it up to maintain a daily, weekly, monthly backup of your databases.  As for those if your site is small enough then you want to do weekly backups, however, if you’re a site that posts on a daily basis at least 2-3 times in that day, then it is best to backup daily,  Remember though that daily backup will suck down those server resources.

Optimize DB

If you have a different method of backing up your databases then you can get away with just optimizing those databases.  However, I will point out if you are a blogger who uses this and WP-o-Matic, for some reason this plug-in will get redirect to that plug-in.  As to why who knows, but it happens.  Of course, if you really need to use WP-o-Matic plug-in try to use it loosely, especially if you are posting your own content.

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