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WordPress Plugin Starter Guide

11 June 2009 6 Comments

Blog Statistics

If your all about the stats, and want to know how your blog is doing these are the plug-ins for you.

Blog Stats

I list as a must have plug-in as it concentrates very specific stats, such as Google PR, Alexa Rank, Technorati Rating, links, post/tag/page count, backlinks and some other good stuff.  It is a great way to see how your blog is doing and if you’re one of those Google PR nuts then you can keep an eye on how your PR is doing.

StatPress Reloaded

Right after google Analytics I consider this the next best stats tracker, it has everything you want, visitor/feed/bot tracker, what links have been visiting, what websites people came from to visit your site.  A definite plug-in to install right after you install your blog to get the most of accurate data and to see how popular your blog is getting.


A handy plug-in to have to see who is online right now visiting your blog, it tells you either a bot, guest, or registered user and lets you know how many total is online as well.

WP-UserOnline Widget

While UserOnline will be viewed in the dashboard, the widget will be shown on your site and so you can see who is visiting your site and of course see where they are on you site.

Coding Plug-ins

If your site is all about code and code based tutorials, then you want to check these plug-ins out and make your code stand out more instead of looking like regular text.

SyntaxHighlighter Plus

This plug-in covers all the big languages out there, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, C/++ and more.  With this plug-in your code will stand out and not be invisible and you will be able to copy and paste this code without the need of copying the line numbers either.  Very useful if you have large amount of code or sharing a large script on your site, your visitors won’t have to go through and delete all those numbers.


With this plug-in, it makes it possible to run PHP scripts inside your blog, very useful for small scripts and or running PHP within your blog as well.  Only downside to this plug-in is the fact you have to change the visual editor to a basic text editor to work properly.  I hope that that gets fixed soon.


These plug-ins have no categories I could put them in, but are still good enough to be used on your site.
Contact Form 7

One of the best contact form plug-ins in the WordPress world.  You can custom building your forms within WordPress and with some short code and a page or post; you will have an instant form.  Very useful for visitors or registered users to contact you or contact your staff.

NextGEN Gallery

A friend introduced me to this plug-in and after using it for my designs; I trust no other gallery plug-in to be on my site.  Sure, it takes awhile to set everything up and navigate your way around this panel, but once you understand it and put everything together you will be running a WordPress gallery in no time.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

This plug-in is used for Contact Form 7, however you could use it for something else.  However, I know there are better CAPTCHA plug-ins out there but since I was looking for convenience and this one work with the Contact Form plug-in I installed it.


With this plug-in it sets up a flash based tag cloud and if your looking to build an AJAX like blog or want to use something different then check this plug-in out.


I don’t know what I would do without this plug-in, if WordPress designers were smart they would have had this installed a long time ago.  It changes the Newer and Older links at the bottom of your blog to page numbers, it is a pagination plug-in that is use for quicker access to your articles.

WP-UserLogin Widget

This plug-in is used to help your registered member login in quicker that is about it.

So these are the plug-ins that I think all starter bloggers should have and although there are no links to them, just use the words in bold and search them within the plug-in panel in your WordPress blog or the WordPress website.

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