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10 Free, Must-Have Windows Security Downloads

12 July 2009 4 Comments

computerchaineddown Good ole security software,  it always gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that your computer is safe from all those bad people who want to ruin your life in form or another.  Of course, those paid programs has made computer security a billion dollar business in the last five to ten years, but in those crop of paid programs some great free ones have come up that were on par with the paid stuff or even better.  So my wonderful friend at PCWorld, well not really my friends, but provided a nice article of some various programs to give that extra boost of a security awareness to your average user.  Now some of the programs I have used, some I have not and so I will let you know when I come to them.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Now I cam across this program sometime last year and the premise of this software is to let you know that an update has been made to whatever software is installed on your computer.  About 25,000 software are covered by this program and about 1400 operating system and hardboxes as well and so this small program does cover a lot.  so this program is a worth wild to have because of the fact it constantly keeps you updated on what programs that need to be updated on your system.  So a business can definately use this program to keep their systems updated on a daily to weekly basis.

However, this program has one draw back and that it likes to provide a lot of false positives on your computer and so even if you do make an update to your computer it will usually do this.  Eventually that false positive eventually disappears if you install the program enough times, but don’t fret if you get this.  As for other features it lets you know how secured your browsers are which is a definitely a big thing, lets you know what programs are patched and up to date and also provides a list of programs you could be using that the software vendor is no longer supporting.  If you look at the list of software this program covers, you can tell there is a lot of old programs on there I doubt are even supported any more.  On top of that it gives various charts and stats about your computer such as, “Your Secunia System Score of 100% is 4% HIGHER than the average user from Vermont, United States.  Compared to users WITHOUT the Secunia PSI installed, your Secunia System Score is 14% HIGHER (more secure).” From reading that it seems I am doing pretty good in Vermont and that my computer is more “secured”  then 947888148.62 people of the world population.  Granted using the current global population stats it could be a bit smaller, but that gives you idea how bad computer security is lacking.  So try this program out and make your computer feel a bit more secured.

Download Secunia PSI

SendShield (beta)

This program as a benefit of stripping out information from documents before they are sent by email, only downside is you need to run it through Outlook client.  Well yours truely frowns on Outlook, just because I don’t like it or maybe the fact that Yahoo doesn’t allow its users to have a free POP address. So, if your a Outlook user and looking to protect your documents then this little add-on will help, but word has it this won’t be free once it gets out of beta and so I know I will move on from this program.

Download SendShield Standard

Avast Antivirus

I was a bit surprise they would include AV software, correction, I was surprise that this was in the article itself, its your run of the mill basic AV software that isn’t a resource hog.  So if your an Avast fan or your running a very old computer then this program could help you out.

Download Avast! Home Edition


I won’t go much into it since I covered it an earlier article, Five Best Malware Removal Tools, Or Are They Really?, so in short if your advance computer user and you can read all that technical stuff then this program is for you.

Download HijackThis


If you haven’t heard of Spybot or SuperAntiSpyware then try this program but it is just another spyware protection/prevention program andgives you some ActiveX protection as well, YAH! for you Internet Explorer users.

Download SpywareBlaster

F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Eliminator

Even though you don’t hear much about Rootkit alerts, however, Rootkits are by far the most dangerous program running in your computer.  The reason for that because they get installed to computer kernel meaning regardless of what you do that program is locked in tight and hard to get rid of.  I know Mcafee has one as well and just now going to their site that this program is still in better after two years I believe.  Anyway, usually rootkits are targeted at business, government computers then your average home user and thus the reason they are seldom talk about, heck I was surprise Conficker didn’t have a rootkit attack to its program that would have been fun (lol).  I am running it right and now idea how long it will take but if your a nervous wreck about computer security then try it out, but usually whatever protection you have right now will prevent most rootkits from getting installed.

Download F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Eliminator


This is more of an extension for Firefox, but one of the most popular extensions Firefox has to offer, because of the fact it cuts off all scripts from being run on a website.  This includes JavaScript, Java, Flash, and XSS protection to just name a few.  So if your one of those web users who likes to a lot of shady websites or websites that are unknown to you, or you have a slow connection and want to speed it up then run this extension and you will see an improvement in seeing websites download quicker with all those scripts running.

Download NoScript

Comodo Firewall Pro

This is another one of the more popular firewall protection programs out there such as Zone Alarm, and so if you don’t have a big name security suite and or your looking for something free and does a good job in protecting your computer.  Then here you go.

Download Comodo Firewall Pro

McAfee SiteAdvisor

Now this is a must have extension in your browsers, because it pretty much blocks all bad sites know to McAfee and it gives you the option to override that warning to continue.  So, if you have this running in Firefox or IE, and you see red, it is best to stay away from the site or be cautious or if its green then you are good to go.  This is a definite must have since it will keep your browsers a lot more safe as you surf more and more websites that are on the Internet.

Download McAfee SiteAdvisor for Firefox
Download McAfee SiteAdvisor for IE


Just like Avast and Comodo Fire, here is another program that doesn’t really belong in this article, but the only security it really offers is cleaning up all your browser caches and logs and that’s about it.  However, this program is great computer cleaner if you haven’t cleaned your computer of old files, file fragments, logs and what not.  So I would add this to list of soft packages to help maintain a smooth and fast computer, especially if you haven’t cleaned it out in a very long time.  It also comes with a registry cleaner that seems to do a effective job as well and provides a backup just in case something goes wrong, but that is rare unless your editing registry.

Download CCleaner




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