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Browser Wars Episode V: Mozilla Strikes Back

1 July 2009 No Comment

220618Well it would seem that Mozilla didn’t like the way Microsoft did the comparison chart on its brower and other competitive browsers, because after the release of Firefox 3.5 they did their own chart of Firefox vs Internet Explorer.  Of course, I have to agree with PCWorld that Mozilla is wasting everyone’s time with this little chart especially when comparing only five areas  while Microsoft covered ten.   Of course, Microsoft was at least nice to compare themselves with two browsers instead of one, but still what is the point of these comparison charts?

Well, there isn’t but it would have made sense oh ten years  ago when it was just Microsoft and Netscape but now it doesn’t.  The reason for that is the fact there are way to many browsers out there even if most of them use the same engines, everyone has their favorites and so persuading people to switch will take some convincing.  However, the comparison chart is not the way to go, well neither is all those speed benchmark test because they are never biased (rolls eyes).

Either way, Mozilla stooped to Microsoft’s level and fell for the bait, but the question who will follow next?  Opera? Apple?  Most likely but the question is are they smart enough to look away at those charts and just keep on improving their browsers?  Possible but time will tell and with Windows 7 just three months away from going gold and odds are all the browsers with the exception of IE8 will have to do some updates to work with the operating system efficiently.

So where does this bring us?  Well Microsoft got Mozilla to show its true colors and so now the gloves are off between those two and so with the other browsers, best to stay out of it as niether will win against those two.  Either way, Mozilla dumb move and you know it because now Microsoft will return with something else later on.

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