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Google Operating System: Big Risk or Worth Wild Venture

8 July 2009 One Comment

google-chrome Big news coming out of Google, they plan on producing a open source operating system that is based off its Chrome browser.  They plan on starting small and design the operating system for operating systems and build up from there and the best part their operating system is going to be free.

Google executives told the New York Times that the operating system will be available later this year as a download and then in 2010 it will be geared for netbook usage and implementation.  Which means that Google will have a full year to beta the heck out of this operating system and to see what areas need to be fix or update or what areas need to worked on.  As for what the operating system will not be is version of Android but rather a simple minimalist operating system with lots of screen space for those web applications.  As for the type of operating system it will be Linux based x86/ARM based processor that is surrounded by the Chrome browser engine.  In a way the the operating system is going to be used primarily to connect web applications that can be either used online or offline.

So in a way Google could be designing a cloud computing based operating system that will access all the applications Google has to offer. If Google is sincere about this and design the operating system to act as such, then Microsoft could be in trouble, especially if Google OS starts transforming into desktops and laptops as well.  So other then the specs mention there is no other information as to how the operating system will run or look like.  So why all the big hoopla about Google operating system?  Well the talk of an operating system being created by Google has been going on for a good five years now and so the question is will this restart the operating system wars that Microsoft won nearly 20+ years ago or will Microsoft find a way to stamp this operating system out of existence?

We already know that Google has the resources to create an operating system, Android mobile OS which was created specifically for the G1 but eventually moved to other phones as well.  Another question comes to mind is how much will Google invest into this operating system?  We all know Microsoft spent $50 million on Vista alone, but odds are Google could be spending more if they plan to hit the desktop and laptop markets as well and so it will be another one of those questions to be answered in the coming months.   Another thing that comes to mind is security, we now that Linux based operating systems have a strong security background and on top of that Chrome browser being praised for its security as well.  Which means that Google has to really focus on the security aspect of its operating system above all else or they could have some problems because of its open sourceness.

Obviously the next thing is how user friendly will this operating system once it comes out because that has always been a drawback for Linux based operating systems, especially the ever popular Ubuntu and even though it is going to be a minimalist based operating system it could still produce problems for its users.  Some other big points that have come so far include how practical this operating system will be outside of MID’s (Mobile Internet Devices), is a threat to Microsoft, will the devices be any cheaper with this OS running or would they stay the same.  These are the many questions Ian Paul from PCWorld.com about this Google operating system and I have to say that I agree with his point of view on how this operating system will act.  Google also mentioned that they will going to be in contact with various PC makers to help produce this operating system and so odds are they will be going through a lot of different PC configurations ot make sure this operating system will work on many computers as possible.

Of course, linux has that distinction of being able to work on most computer regardless of the hardware that is involved and so it should interesting to see what kind of bugs they will have to squash in order to reach as many people as possible.  So it will be a busy year and it should be interesting what Google has to offer for an operating system and see if other Linux based OS’s have something to worry about.  Regardless if they are scared or not, Microsoft will definitely have to keep its eyes and ears open once screen shots, specs and an actual working OS is out there.







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