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HTML 5 Reources Bonanza

13 July 2009 No Comment

html5 Wow, its been awhile since I paid a visit to smashingmagazine.com and so I paid a visit today and saw that they had some great HTML5 resources.  Or rather a super sexy cheat sheet for HTML 5 syntax and so that is what today’s post is going to be about HTML 5 and all the resources you can handle.

Smashing Magazine

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet (76 Kb)

HTML 5 Doctor

This is an up and coming HTML 5 website which covers all things HTML 5 by asking questions and getting a reply either through examples or some various tips and tricks.


HTML 5 Browser Compatibility

This next website is a great website that lets you know what parts of HTML 5, CSS3 and SVG can be used on which browser or rather what version of that particular browser the latest code can be used successfully.  Sadly though Internet Explorer 8 cannot use a lot of the CSS3 features and so you either have to wait for them to update the brower, find hotfixes for them to work or wait for Internet Explorer 9 to come out.


Implementations in Web browsers

This is another browser comparison site ala wiki stylee, but rather talk about the browsers themselves they use the engines that are being used to design the web browsers.  Of course, from the looks of it that a lot of HTML 5 properties are not working for any of the engines or it hasn’t been updated recently.


HTML 5 Demos

This website showcases some various demos such as drag and drop that is based on HTML 5.


A Preview of HTML 5

A great article from A List Apart that gives you a great idea how HTML 5 will work with some basic examples in setting up layouts and how to use divs more effectively.


Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!

Another great article that covers about the same thing from A List Apart but from the people of Sitepoint who by the way have written a lot of great books.


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