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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

18 July 2009 One Comment

harry_potter_and_the_half_blood_prince_ver2So I saw Harry Potter last night and since I never read the book I was pleasantly surprise, ok not really as knew what happen in the book thanks to a few Potter readers.  However, what I found the most interesting is that for one of the darkest books in the series it sure was cheery with a lot of comedy.  Trying to figure out why it was important for horny teens to be the main focus of this movie as I doubt the book really talk about it that much.  So I am trying to figure is why would they make this movie that way instead of what was in the book, but who knows I didn’t direct the movie.

By the way, this is review is going to spoiler rich because if you have not read the book by now then I am sorry.  The movie covers a lot of things, such as why Tom Riddle became eviler, the main cast falling in love,  finding out who the half-blood prince is (Snape) and what was Draco Malfoy mission (killing Dumbledore).  That was most of the movie except for the last 45 minutes when we find out that Voldemort has split his soul into seven pieces called hocruxes of which two are destroyed and the third one gone.  Of course, that is the movie version as the book version tells a different tale, anyway it is the ending of this movie/book that has the most impact, Dumbledore the most powerful of the good wizards is dead, Draco didn’t have the heart to kill him and Snape knew this and did the dead.  So now the final begins or rather it is already over with but we are just waiting for the the two part movie to come out.

Lets be honest, as much as i enjoyed the humor and exploring love, it was overkill especially all the girls except for Hermione who did it right.  Of course, my misses agreed to me on that part and so I was let done just a bit because this movie should have been a lot darker then it should have been.  I guess it would scare all the child actors and all that stuff, but I digress it is what it is and can’t change anything about it.  Although, another thing I knew about this was the fact this movie did not cover a third of what was in that book, heck I don’t think pushing it to 3 hours could have covered anything in the book.  Obviously for those who read the book will know a lot of stuff that was missing or not mention such as Bill Weasley getting messed up in a battle or the fact that Lupin and Nymphadora were getting all hot and heavy as well.

Anyway, the movie is still good and sad to say this movie will not only make a butt load of money, I have a feeling it could be replacing Dark Knight.  The crowds at the movie theater have been huge even though the movie came out Wednesday at midnight, so I will already put this movie at $250-300 million dollars in week one and after that it will either be third most profitable movie of all time or second.  Harry Potter has a lot of time till GI Joe. but it will keep on making money until its finally pulled from the theaters.

As for movie trailers, Sherlock Holmes (going to see), GI Joe, Shorts (animated film).

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