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Old School Review: Mega Man 3

15 July 2009 No Comment

It is still July and I have a few weeks before I register for classes and about two months before I begin a very grueling school schedule. So I thought I get it on with some Mega Man 3 which is by far one of the longest games in this franchises history and I tell you why. Not only do you go through 8 original bosses but you almost have to fight Mega Man 2 bosses as well on top of 6 stages of Dr. Wiley hell as well.

Yeah it is a game of strategy, timing and limited resources unless you’re one of those players who likes to grind away at those smaller enemies and getting stuff, then this game will test your limits. Of course, if you played with an emulator it just makes things easier as I ended my game with 9 energy tanks and 15 guys, with a little help of mega jump and not taken any energy losses either (lol).

Either way, Mega Man 3 was and still is the ultimate Mega Man because the series would tank with 4, 5, and 6 after with crappy bosses ridiculous levels and what not. So let’s begin the fond memories of Mega Man 3 and let’s see how I scored this games.

Mega Man 3

Some Screen Shots

Game Maker: Capcom

Year: 1990

Price: $40-$50 a game

Levels: 19 levels

Sound: 10

Graphics: 10

Mini-Games: None really

Difficulty: Back then: 10 Now: 10

Game play:

After manhandling Dr. Wiley two times already, he finally gave in and came back to the good side. Of course, their eight new robots would go bonkers and so Mega Man is called back into action and thus the plot unfolds with the appearance of Protoman.

First Impressions:
This game was awesome, also the first game me, and a group of friends would put the Game Genie to beat this game. Of course, that never happened as we got in trouble and had to turn the game off. Was surprised as to how long this game really is and of course the huge surprise of finding out that there were more freaking robots to go through as well. If I remember correctly, we had gotten to the second set of robots before we got into trouble. I know I rented a few times before I moved on to easier games but still this is a great game to play.

19 Years Later:
Mega Man 3 is still an awesome game and when I went through my Megaman I could not wait to get to this game and add it to my list of games I have beaten. Still a fun game and a wonderful endurance challenge if you plan to play it straight.

Overall Ranking:

Easily a 10 because you’re practically play two games in with Mega Man 3 and the replay vaule is enormous if you have to beat it and keep on dying all the time trying to.

Now for that Catchy slogan–

“Games don’t get old, just people!”

–Now for some copyright info–

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