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Software Review: VIPRE Antivirus Software

17 July 2009 4 Comments

vipre-antivirusI came across this software today and I thought I would try it out and see if this new slick and cool anti-virus/spyware would be fast and not a resource hog as they say they it is.  After a quick installation, reboot and definition update, and a configuration settings it was time to get down to business on this soft.  Small note I was working with Definition version 5261.  Although I have McAfee security suite running, I will mention that in the configuration of the software that it will mention that you will need to have everything else uninstalled.  It also even warns you if you are running Spybot to uninstall it as well and so you would have to uninstall a lot of your software if you plan to have this one running active.  Another neat thing to this software it asks you if you want to add it to the Windows Security Center, which most don’t offer and so that is a definite plus right there.

After getting to the main menu, you shown a simple tab interface that is clean and organized and you have the following tabs, Overview, Scan, Manage and Tools tabs.  Overview tab lets you know the status of the program such as scan status, Active Protection, Email Protection, Updates and Subscription status.  It even comes with a World Wide Threat Level, though I would think it would be severe all the time and not high, as it is currently is.

The scan tab is obvious enough where you can see the files it has scanned and the list of bad stuff it has found and provides some detail information about it and what actions need to be taken in order to clean your computer.  Besides the interface, nothing is different here on how the scanner works and so let’s head over to the Manage tab.  The manage tab is basically a history menu system that includes what you have done, what the software has found and what programs you have blocked or allowed or quarantine.  Therefore, that is the meat of the software to let you know what you still might have to do to help clean your computer up.

In the tools tab you have three options of which one of them that has caught my attention and it is called PC Explorer.  In this menu, you can check out which processes are safe, unknown, suspicious or Hazardous and it gives some great info on where these process are located in your computer, who it is from and what it does.  It covers such things as ActiveX, Windows LSP, Internet Applications, BHO’s, Start Up Applications, Running Process, to name a few.  Therefore, you could be spending a long time in this menu depending what you got running on this computer to see what you should be aware of in your computer.  However, there is one drawback to using this menu and that it freezes when you are running a scan and so you have to close it out and reboot the program to get it running again.  Now I don’t know what would happen if this is the main protection, but it could be a small thing to fix or be smart and not run a scan when you are going through this menu.

Now I wanted to check out the memory usage of this program and so I opened Task Manager and looking for the SBAMSvc.exe process.  I let the quick run its course making sure to pay attention to the various numbers and from what I notice is that I had the CPU maxed at 50 and it went as low as 02.  However, it usually hovered around 15-25 CPU in some cases while it hovered around between 02-15  in some places as well.  Which means the load this software is pretty small and unnoticeable and so you could run this on an older computer and you should not have much problems of it slowing down on you.  In terms of memory, I had reach a little over 73,000 and some change on the quick scan while the deep scan is hovering around 60-65,000K.  While it does not seem huge compared to the 200,000+k McAfee is using, you can always improve trying to make the program smaller and still as good.  The one thing I notice while I was scanning that my computer was using up a lot of memory in all the process but I have a feeling this program is doing it and once the scan is finish that I would gain a few hundred MB’s back once the scanning is done.

I just now finished a quick scan, which took about 13 minutes to get through, and while watching the quick scan I notice how deep it goes  unlike some software does.  Obviously, at 13 minutes, it hit up all the key OS components and then some and so that is definite plus there as well.   Interestingly enough it has found some stuff roaming on my computer and out of the bigger threats, I have 1 trojan, 1 keylogger and 1 adware program in my computer.  So after quick quarantine my computer is a bit cleaner, however, because of the big threats I had on my computer, it requested I do a deep scan of my computer.

Since that will take a bit longer, I will end my review by saying it comes with a 15 day trial and if you like this program compared to the other big ones or if you  have an older computer.  It comes with a 1 year subscription at $30 for one computer, $40 for two computers or $50 for three or more computers.  Fairly this descent price compares to some of the ones out there that cost about the same or more and even though it is brand new software, it would seem to be pretty descent and it does its job correctly and more efficiently.  Though I am a McAfee person, I would definitely have this software running either on this computer or one of my older ones.

So where do you get this software at?  Go to the following link Antivirus Software


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