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Twitter Suggested for Nobel Peace Prize

12 July 2009 No Comment

twitter This past week it was suggested by a man name named Mark Pfeifle, a former aide for George W. Bush, came up with the idea that after the events that happened in Iran, Twitter should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The reason why is that Twitter became the central hub for reports and updates of the riots that were going the day after the election.  Twitter became the voice of the riots after Iran banned all reporters and news agencies from reporting these riots and all the horrible things that were happening to them by a corrupt government.  For now I am staying away from the politics of this but want to discuss rather it should given a consideration to allow such an honor.

When I first saw this headline I was come on that is such a rediculous idea, why would you give such an award to a social networking site that is now home to a large amount of spam on a hourly basis.  Heck I didn’t even read the article because of house obserd it was, especially coming from a person who work with Bush, however, after reading the article the guy has a point that Twitter provided the world what was really going on there and stuff like  that.  Now I am not sure how the nomination process goes, but odds are you would need a nomination by someone in that field, not Bush, and then taken to vote by the actual committee.

Lets be honest, even if Twitter got that nomination, the odds of winning such award is very quite slim and besides who would you give it to, surely not Twitter, they provided a service for those to communicate and so the award would really go to those who actually used Twitter to let the world know what was really going there.  To me that is the argument alone will put a no vote across the board just because the people running Twitter didn’t do the reporting themselves.  On top of that if I am reading my sources correctly, Twitter didn’t resolve or create peace in anyway and so the odds of even getting that nomination is pretty slim and actually winning the award is like me winning the lottery the day an earth killing asteroid hits the planet.

Odds are people will find a better arguement then I just because I don’t know how the process works and so it should be interesting if Twitter will try to push the issue or people would make it an issue to get them there.  Either way, the people of Iran who used Twitter deserve and not the people running the service and thats how I see that perspective.

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