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Windows 7 Week Day 3: Which Version Is For You?

1 July 2009 One Comment

windows-7-aurora-green-wallpaperWhen Windows 7 was first announced back in 2008, everyone was speculating how many versions their would be this time.  Due to the fact that Vista came out with six versions which annoyed pretty much everyone because each version had more features then the other and the fact they got more expensive as you got closer to Vista Ultimate.  Then back in February, one website announced that their would be six versions to Windows 7, which again pretty much put everyone in an uproar once again.

However, as 2009 we were told that the home users of developed nations would only get four versions: Starter, Premium, Professional, Ultimate.  Right off the bat I will say that Windows 7 Starter is only for Netbooks and thats it.  As for the other three they are up for grabs while Professional is geared more towards businesses then home users, however, the one thing Professional has over Premium is XP Mode.  Again though that is geared more towards businesses then home users.  Obviously, Ultimate has everything you can imagine and so the question is which will be the more popular version to get especially since Windows 7 is a lot cheaper to get then Vista.

As to which version most people will get or want will be Premium just because most users will not be needing all the features of Professional or Ultimate.  To keep things going Professional will be the next popular version just because of the business applications that are part of the package with Ultimate going to only a few hardcore users.  The interesting part to this though if the finally pricess are correct, then there is only a $20 difference between Professional($200) and Ultimate ($220) and so who knows maybe Windows 7 Ultimate will be a defactor operating system.  Due to the fact you can switch to any world language (# unknown) in Ultimate and so that would be a big business feature as well on the other side of world, especially in Europe and Asia.

While there is less for us US citizens to choose from it could still be a bit difficult to figure out which version we want, however, it seems that it is possible for users to rollback to XP or (haha) Vista if they don’t want Windows 7 pre-installed on their brand new computer.  Of course, those who have tried out the Beta’s and RC versions of Windows 7, some have decided while others will wait it out until either six months or year to see how well Windows 7 fares until we start the great conversion to Windows 7.

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