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Movie Review: District 9

14 August 2009 No Comment

district-9-posterThe Lord of the Rings has return as Peter Jackson has created another cult classic with the help of Neill Blomkamp, known as District 9.  Although there is one overall story in this movie, but it is possible that there are several stories that can be found in this movie.  The general story is that aliens have landed in Africa and then twenty years later it is time for them to be move and well that is where the fun begins.

As much as I want to spoil the heck out of this movie, lets just say doing so would be a crime, however, I will talk about the stories with in a story that I had mention earlier.  The first story I will talk about is the hero story, and how this is a hero story is simple, they take an ordinary man who is practically nothing and turn him into a savior for the aliens.  This can also coincide with the transformation story as well which takes a weak person and slowly transforms himself into a stronger person.

The next story that is being told in this movie is one that I believe would actually be reality if an alien species were to show up on our door steps and that being total hatred, destruction and assimilation by those seeking to control that alien species and even reverse engineer their technology.  To me that is one of the most important stories that can be told because as humans we do not accept anything and even given time we are still not acceptable of such.  Of course, when it comes to aliens, it is blow up now and then ask questions later and that story is told as well.

Another story that is being told is how a alien life form adapts to life on Earth and I would have to say that the following words would be use, gullibility, confused, criminalistic, (dis)advantage, barrier, and animalistic.  Granted there could be more words to choose but I think these ones stick out the most as how the aliens were written for this movie.  The reason I say that is the aliens were the more superior species in every way and yet somehow with a little human influence were completely treated like the lower species on the planet.

So yeah, this is definitely a powerful movie that is open up to many different interpretations and that is why this movie is a must see for everyone, well except for the kids because of the excessive use of the F-word, gore, violence and what not but still worth seeing.  So it is time for a little box office guess for this movie and so I will say that will definitely dethrone G.I. Joe and so I put it at a nice $70-100 million weekend with a total of about $150-200 million for its run through.  Hopefully I am wrong though as I would like to this movie make some greate money as I could see a sequel to this movie because to me the whole story isn’t finished yet.

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