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Movie Review: G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra

8 August 2009 No Comment

hr_GI_Joe_Exclusive_Poster“He never gives up.  He’ll stay til the fight’s won.  GI Joe will dare.  GI Joe- A real American hero GI Joe. “

Guess what movie I saw?  Yep the American heroes I grew up with as a kid every Saturday morning in their first live action movie that will most likely be a trilog by 2013.  Lets get to the gist of it, first off wow on the two hour mark or rather 1 hour 58 minutes.  The reason I say this is because I had peg this movie at 1.5 hours tops because of the kind of movie this is, an action movie.  Before I will begin, this review will be semi-spoiler

Like any other movie or rather a trilogy, this was a introduction movie, obviously and so the back stories were rampant, or rather two and half back stories were the focus.  As expected the origin stories have changed a bit for some of characters or rather Duke, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Snake eyes and so without going through all the comics, cartoons odds are it is a different one then the ones out there.  Although, if memory serves me corrected Duke and Baroness still had a connection in the cartoon and the comics.  With Snake Eyes, it stayed with most of the origins, especially with Storm Shadow but they alternated why he is quiet, usually it was he got his voice box cut or the vow of silence and in the movie it is the latter.

As for the movie itself, I swear I saw Star Wars in here such as the battle at the North Pole and of course the changing of names, but that is just me who saw that.  Lets not forget this was also a Mummy 1 reunion as well as Brendon Fraser, Kevin J. O’Connor, Arnold Vosloo and Director Stephen Summers so yeah there were no mummies in this movie and so I disappoint you with that fact.

With the exception of Ray Park who had no lines, the acting as ok at best and even then the three people who stood out the most was Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller.  Although Tatum played the lead role, could have done a bit more, didn’t see much of the leadership style that Duke is known for in the G.I Joe series.  The other thing was the lack of Joes in this movie, as there were only eight in all, while the rest were grunts/extras and so I was a bit disappointed with the lack of Joes.  Granted you could cameo the crap out of that movie with them and  not given them any lines, but odds are in movies two and three we might see more of them and the same goes with the Cobra side, but again odds are we will see more of them in the other movies.

In terms of movie flow, it was good and well balanced in terms of action and story telling, especially when it come to working the flashbacks into the movie as well.  So overall I would give this movie a solid B+ as there were some good parts and some bad parts but I think its a good solid introduction movie to this trilogy and so comes box office prediction.  With the swarm of bad reviews and the fact that Paramount “ruined” Transformers, I say it won’t make more then $150 million overall and so I put it at a measly $30-40 million opening weekend.

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