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Week 1 at MCGC

8 September 2009 No Comment

Marlboro College Graduate School_1253607017999Although, it hasn’t been a week yet, this Friday, I look at my classes and realize that I have two weeks to do the work which gives me plenty of time. I push myself to get good portion of it done in the first week. That way, it gives me time to relax and think about things as I get ready to read others posts and comment on them.

It will especially be convenient when it comes time to get those projects put together as I have no business experience whatsoever. Although I had my idea for both HCI and Project Management it should be interesting where I go with them since putting a business proposal together seems a great challenge to overcome. Granted I have the resources of experience and knowledge to help me out and with me being a Microsoft Office junkie, I plan to put use in as much as can.

Even though I could get all high tech and spend time making the presenations look all cool and stuff. Odds are though I will keep things simple for now and see where I go with such a task. Of course, another challange is not to burn myself out early but still keep enough focus to completing the tasks and set myself up for success.

Of course, one of my greatest hindrances has been my writing, though I have greatly improved my writing thanks to CCV. My feeling is that is going to be my nemesis as I go through the classes and get deeper into the writing aspects of those classes. Granted I haven’t come to using such services yet at Marlboro, but hopefully when the time comes I can get the writing support I might need. Since odds are I will have to change writing styles, but who knows.

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