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Week 2 & 3 @ MCGC

22 September 2009 No Comment

Marlboro College Graduate School_1253607017999Week 2

Though I should have posted sometime last week about week 2, that is how busy I am.  All the reading, makes me want to get the audio versions of the books and then get voice to text software to get my notes done.  Although, it is funny that I mention that as it would cut down a few minutes of study time if I could read my notes to Microsoft Word.

Sadly though they decided to get rid of it in Office 2007, which I did happen to find out last week.  Of course, I spent a few minutes trying to find a free or open source version as I do not want to plunk down on Dragon to take my notes for me.  So it back to square one on that little venture, but instead of taking full blown notes as I realize then I don’t think I be taking any notes, I just pick out key words and then slap a page number on them for later reference.

So far though, my schedule of one class per day seems to be working out so far that way I don’t burn out my mind to quickly as that is a lot of reading each week.  Once I get done with the reading and whatever the assignments I have.  I can spend the rest of the week posting which has been fairly good, I try to post a few times a day and get as many replies as I can in for my classes.

Speaking of which I don’t think I mention which ones I am taking this semester, they are Human-Computer Interaction, Project Management I, Intro to Database Design, and Management.

Week 3

Talk about time flying, can’t believe I am into week three already and still going strong, no burn out session yet, although my brain has turn to mush after finishing classwork for HCI.  Odds are that is happening because my sister is getting married this weekend and so lots of things are going to be happening and so I am in an actual rush to get school work done.

Of course, after seeing what I have left, I might be comatose at the wedding and look like I am drooling, but it is all about pace and organization.  As long as spend the time reading and doing the work I be fine and I think I am glad I have two weeks to complete the work for some of these classes that way I don’t do late night sessions like I did Sunday morning to get this week started.

Though my misses is supportive, she does get a bit upset that I don’t fit in some time with her, call it timing I guess when I do see her and talk with her.  Still she knows I have to get this done and she accepts the fact that the time we do spend can be short at times depending on the workload.  I will say this though, we have been doing the school work then spending quality time together since my CCV days.  So I am glad she is here to support me as I always support her and stuff.

Oh Yeah did I mention my brain melting after completing 90% of the work for HCI?  Luckily I was able to fit in one good post before I close the books, although I was a bit surprise that I spent nearly 9 hours on this class on and off.  Some of that time was conducting a survey though for my project, luckily I got a nice large list of contacts to pick their brains though.

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