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First Day at Marlboro College Graduate Center

4 September 2009 No Comment

Marlboro College Graduate School_1253607017999**Remembers Billy Madison waiting for the school bus and singing back to school**

Although not as glamorous or the fact the bus will fly by me, but same idea. For me though it is all about the focus, and although I finish this weeks readings from 3 out of 4 classes. It would seem that I am going to have to make sure I stay on track during this whole thing. Especially in a couple of weeks when my sister will be getting married and having all these relatives and kids over. Especially since I be in the wedding itself and so that will be a interesting week.
To be quite honest though the real challenge for me is the finances, after spending many hours and calculations it will be interesting when I start the dreaded process of the student loan. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about that at CCV but who knows once I see how VSAC treats me then I will know. I did drop my interest for a tech job at WSCU yesterday and I expect a phone call to set up a interview. Although my problem is I am short on the recommendation letter aspect of that application, but I did send out various e-mails and hope for at least one to get me through.

Of course, I am looking for various computer gigs such as cleaning up or troubleshooting computers, little web projects that don’t require too much work. I have fingers cross on that gig though which could help out especially since it is only 16 hours a week, but I see a lot of traveling in my future lol.

So, today is the big day, five and a half hours of school fun woot woot.

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