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I started to get into graphic design in 2005 when I was curious about something called a sig or signature. So I made some inquires and what was needed and got myself a copy of Macromedia Fireworks and begin my sig design. Sadly though I don’t have my original sig with Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy 7. Of course, after discovering the ways of the Adobe Photoshop I was hooked, I started off with Adobe Photoshop 7 then instead of going with Photoshop CS1, I went straight to CS2 and currently using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Since then I have design sigs, banners, wallpapers, banners, templates, logos and over the three years I have accumulated a lot of different designs in which you will see on this website. Take notice that I have improved since 2005 and I have to say that I did ok. Heck I ever took a graphics design course in college for part of my degree as well in which I scored an A in that class as well.  So enjoy my work and although I wouldn’t mind hearing comments from people I am not going to set up a comment system as I don’t have the time deal with spam. However, you can drop an e-mail or send me a message on the trap17 forums and thank you.

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